Botz: Digital – Album 4 is Released NOW – Yay!
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Botz: Digital – Album 4 is Released NOW – Yay!

This message has been transcribed from synthetic soundwave transmissions from Mechtropolis.


Galactic Stardate: 06025024

Botz Announces Fourth Album Digital – A Journey Through Cosmic Soundscapes

The Interstellar Gazette is excited to announce the upcoming release of Botz’s fourth album, Digital. This eagerly awaited album will be released over ten days, with each track set to auto post from June 25th until July 4th. Fans can look forward to a daily dose of Botz’s cutting-edge sound, blending futuristic beats with an electrifying dance vibe.

botz digital album image

Following the stellar success of their previous albums, Automaton, Binary, and Circuits, Botz continues to redefine the electronic music genre. Digital promises to be an exhilarating auditory journey, exploring the vastness of space and the intricacies of technological existence.

Track List for Digital:

  1. “Galaxies Away”
  2. “Around Again”
  3. “Miles Away”
  4. “It’s Over”
  5. “Goodbye”
  6. “Digital Dance Like a Robot”
  7. “Raving Robots”
  8. “True to Me”
  9. “Not Going Alone”
  10. “Heaven in Some Way”

Highlights of the Album:

  • “Galaxies Away”: An expansive opener that sets the stage for the album’s interstellar theme.
  • “Raving Robots”: A high-energy track guaranteed to get listeners moving.
  • “Heaven in Some Way”: A profound and uplifting finale, blending ethereal melodies with powerful beats.

Botz’s latest album showcases their unparalleled ability to merge technology and music, creating a sound that is both innovative and deeply engaging. Each track is a testament to their mastery of electronic music and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of the genre.

About Botz: Botz is a pioneering robotic band known for their groundbreaking sound and electrifying performances. Combining advanced technology with a passion for music, Botz creates a unique and immersive experience for fans across the universe.

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Stay tuned and prepare to be transported through the cosmos with Digital!

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