Botz: Binary – New Interstellar Gazette Press Release – Wow!
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Botz: Binary – New Interstellar Gazette Press Release – Wow!

This message has been transcribed from synthetic soundwave transmissions from Mechtropolis.


Galactic Stardate: 5282024

Botz Unveils Second Album Binary – A Futuristic Musical Journey

The universe is abuzz with excitement as Botz, the trailblazing robotic band, announces the release of their highly anticipated second album, Botz: Binary. Set to debut this week, Binary promises to elevate Botz innovative sound to new cosmic heights, offering a sonic experience that melds cutting-edge technology with infectious rhythms.

Following the success of their debut album Automaton, Botz continues to push the boundaries of electronic music. Binary features 11 time-traveled tracks that delve into themes of digital existence, artificial intelligence, and the intricate dance between humans and technology.

Tracklist for Binary:

  1. 404 Error
  2. Why? (How Could He/She/They?)
  3. Robots for Society
  4. Auto Post
  5. Bad Man
  6. Forget About It
  7. Special About You
  8. Genius
  9. Want You Too
  10. Radio Waves (Think of Me)
  11. Thank You

Highlights of the Album:

  • 404 Error: Kicking off the album with a high-energy track that explores the glitches in our digital lives.
  • Robots for Society: A thought-provoking anthem about the role of robots in modern society.
  • Why? (How Could He/She/They?): A hauntingly beautiful track that blends ethereal melodies with a powerful message.

Botz’s unique fusion of robotic precision and musical artistry is set to captivate audiences across the galaxy. Binary is not just an album; it’s an auditory adventure that invites listeners to explore the future of music.

About Botz: Botz is a groundbreaking robotic band known for their innovative sound and electrifying performances. Combining state-of-the-art technology with a passion for music, Botz creates a unique and immersive experience for fans of all ages.

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Stay tuned and get ready to dive into the digital world with Binary!

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Invitation to Top Musicians and Leaders in the Music Industry:

We are reaching out to invite top musicians and leaders in the music industry to participate in an upcoming exclusive interview with the Interstellar Gazette. Your insights on AI and the future of music are invaluable to our readers. This is your chance to speak out! Look out for future messages on Instagram and other channels to participate or contact us directly to request an interview. You can view a copy of the interview here.

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