Botz Unveils 3rd Album Circuits at Super Speed!
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Botz Unveils 3rd Album Circuits at Super Speed!

This message has been transcribed from synthetic soundwave transmissions from Mechtropolis.


Galactic Stardate: 02062024

Circuits: Botz Third Album is Unleashed

Prepare to be electrified as Botz, the innovative robotic band, announces the release of their third album, Circuits. This new album is unlike anything we’ve heard before and blends advanced technology with captivating rhythms and futuristic melodies.

Following the groundbreaking success of their previous albums Automaton and Binary, Botz’s latest offering features 10 digitally generated tracks that explore themes of digital existence, futuristic love, and the integration of humans and technology.

circuits album art featuring 4 robots ready to play music

Circuits tracks are scheduled for release with an autopost bot from June 10 – June 20 on SoundCloud at the rate of one track per day. We hope you will join us now and In the Future.

Tracklist for Circuits:

  1. Close The Door (Stop Playin)
  2. Hear Me Out
  3. Yum (You)
  4. Call Me
  5. Move It Closer
  6. Too Fast for You
  7. Are You Mine
  8. Crazy for You
  9. In The Future
  10. Rocket *banned from this planet

Highlights of the Album:

  • Close The Door (Stop Playin’): Digi astounding us with those otherworldly vocals on this track that makes us believe that maybe robots can feel emotions.
  • Yum (You): Another sweet track about the popular emotion Earthlings call “love”.
  • Rocket: Not gonna lie, this track sounds like it’s from the 80s and it’s great but hide yo’ wife because it’s banned and it’s Too Fast for You which is the title of another track coming your way on this album.

Botz continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in music. Circuits offers an auditory adventure that invites listeners to explore new dimensions of sound and technology.

About Botz: Botz is a pioneering robotic band known for their innovative sound and electrifying performances. By merging cutting-edge technology with a passion for music, Botz creates a unique and immersive experience for fans of all ages.

For more information, exclusive interviews, and behind-the-scenes content, visit and follow Botz on their interstellar tour.

Stay tuned and prepare to be transported into the future of music with Circuits!

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