Banned! Exploring Botz’s ‘Banned From Social Media (Since MySpace)’
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Banned! Exploring Botz’s ‘Banned From Social Media (Since MySpace)’

Interstellar Gazette Press Release: Is this track a joke to you?

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Greetings, Interstellar Gazette Readers!

We have some exciting and controversial news to share with you! Botz has released a track that’s causing quite a stir: “Banned From Social Media (Since MySpace)”. This track, now available on SoundCloud, is making waves for its entertaining take on social media bans. Listen to it here: Banned From Social Media (Since MySpace).

About the Track:

“Banned From Social Media (Since MySpace)” is a silly original music track listing numerous social media platforms and the Botz’s playful predictions of being banned from each. The track is a satire that explores the chaotic and often absurd world of social media regulation.

Listen Now:

Don’t miss out on this entertaining track! Head over to SoundCloud and listen now.

This track is the first to be released for Botz’s 5th album, showcasing top ai hits.

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